Neaera Robotics

Neaera Robotics is a 501(c)(3) to help youth STEM related programs.
Neaera Robotics has supported more than 250 kids in 7 years.

In addition to supporting Science, Engineering and math our program also teaches students valuable professional
skills such as Marketing, Leadership, Business Management, and Teamwork. Through mentor inspiration and teaching, students learn to apply a diverse set of skills to purse a common goal.
STEM, through robotics is a future for many of our youth.

The mission To provide middle and high school students hands on training, mentoring, and education in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and to provide students with real life interactions with businesses in the community; to practice gracious professionalism, teamwork and innovation.

We aim to also guide and mentor youth with real life business interactions with businesses within the community. Our main focus is to work with a group of students to develop an understanding of engineering through developing robots that have practical use.

  • STEM
  • Leadership
  • Learn
  • Persue
  • Build
  • Compete


To develop and operate an after school educational environment to learn, experiment and build; and to provide access to and reduce costs for youths seeking to engage in hands on learning.


To enlighten, guide and educate youths in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and to provide instruction and mentoring in managing a group, learn how to fundraise and work with local businesses.


To directly engage in and to provide facilities for others to engage in the promotion of robotics, engineering, programming, software design and STEM events.

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Youth Programs

Neaera Robotics works with middle and high school aged children to develop skill in the fields of science technology, engineering and mathematics through the interest of building robots. Currently we are a part of several FIRST robotics programs.

STEM Projects

Neaera Robotics also supports student run projects like the design, manufacturing and programming of a custom plasma jet machine.

FRC Robotics

Neaera Robotics supports the FIRST FRC program. The Highlanders, team #4499, this group of students became the first Colorado team to be World Champion Finalists.


Neaera Robotics helps students gain knowldege and confidence to apply for internships.

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