Interested in Donating?

Our organization is always looking for financial, mentor or supply support.

Financial Donation

Supporting, creating and running multiple robotics programs for different ages is expensive. Donations would go to purchase additional shop equipment, computers, robot supplies like metal, materials and software. In addition, donations would also assist with event registration fees.


Our program exists because of mentors who donate their time and expertise in many different areas. Come check out some of our programs.


Is there another way you are able to assist? Reach out to us and let us know!

How do donations help?

Neaera Robotics will work as a nonprofit company working with middle school and high school aged children developing in the fields of science technology, engineering and mathematics through the interest of building robots. We aim to also guide and mentor youth with real life business interactions with businesses within the community. Our main focus is to work with a group of students to develop an understanding of engineering through developing robots that have practical use. We will also assist these students in competing in the FIRST FRC challenge.

What is FIRST?

FIRST, stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of science and technology”. FIRST Robotics Competition ( FRC) is a unique varsity sport of the mind designed to help middle and high-school aged young people discover how interesting and rewarding the life of engineers and researchers can be. The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of young people and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them in competitions designed by Dean Kamen, Dr. Woodie Flowers, and a committee of engineers and other professionals.

Neaera Robotics is a non-profit, after school program that will focus on the educational and mentoring of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We will also assist the students with working along side local businesses and learn real life solutions

Donations will go to support programs like FIRST, to help students build robots to participate in competitions.